Short Range, Sept. 19, 2011

Forecast updated 16:00pm EST - 19 Sept 2011

Today, a cold front associated with a trough is pushing through Indiana bringing with it overcast conditions as well as some showers. The cold front will be following by a bit of high pressure that will build in later in the day Tuesday, making Tuesday a calm and pleasant day with temperatures in the mid-70s. The wonderful day will be short-lived as another cold front enters the area on Wednesday, again bringing rain. This cold front/low pressure system should strengthen over the next couple of days and will bring slightly cooler temperatures for the remainder of the week when it passes.

Outlook for later today showing both cold fronts existing across the US.

Outlook for Wednesday showing the second cold front about to push through Indiana.

today's short-range forecast graphic was produced by Kandace K. Kiefer