Short-term Forecast, 10/14/2011

Forecast updated 2:00pm EDT - 14 Oct 2011

This is Paul Brandt with Central Indiana's weekend forecast.

Today, scattered showers are possible, but for the most part, the day will be partly cloudy with temperatures topping out in the mid-60s. Winds will be increasing throughout the day, blowing out of the west at up to 30 mph.

friday evening weather

Breezy conditions will continue for Saturday, with mostly sunny skies and highs topping out again in the mid-60s.

Sunday may prove to be a few degrees warmer than Saturday. An encroaching dome of warm air will approach Central Indiana, though it appears unlikely at this point that the bulk of the warm air will reach the Lafayette area. While portions of Southern Indiana may see highs rise into the low 80s, the high on Sunday will top out around 70 degrees around here.

An area of low pressure moving out of Kansas will generate some precipitation, but it is currently forecasted to be limited to areas to the North.

The short-range forecast graphic for Friday, October 14th was produced by Paul Brandt.