Simpson's Short Term November 4th, 2011

Forecast updated 1:00pm EST - 4 Nov 2011

As the showers that were in the area yesterday move to our south and east, this allows for a high pressure system to move in to the region. This will provide mild and dry condtions for today and the rest of the weekend. Taking a look at the image below which is a future image for Saturday morning, here the high pressure is nicely built in the low moving off the coast and there is another low pressure out to our west. This system however looks to be moving up into Canada with a Northwest track. With this track the region should not see any precipation from this system.

Then as we work our way in to the second half of the weekend, you can see that the low clearly moves into Canada. There is also a disturbance over Texas that we will be watching. It might become our next rain maker as we work our way into the mid part of next week. You can read the Long Term Forecast to get a better understand of what is going to happen with that one. Also remember to set your clocks back before you go to bed on Saturday! It's Daylight Savings!

Forecast provided by Catherine Simpson of Purdue University Atmospheric Department.