Forecast updated 11:00pm EST - 31 Aug 2011

Clear and dry conditions remain in the Northeast and Southwest of the country

due to high pressures. A heat warning remains for the Arizona area.

Thunderstorms possible in North Dakota later today. An upper level trough

will be passing through the Northwest region during Thursday and Friday bringing

a few showers in northern part of the country.

Indiana: Clear skies is expected for the remaining week. Temperatures will be in

the upper 90's for Thursday and Friday.

The following graphics display surface temperature and radar data for today at 1400 UTC,

ECMWF model output of sea level pressure and 1000-500mb thickness at 00 UTC

August 31, 2001 and 500 mb heights at 00 UTC September 2, 2011,

and 48h accumulated precipitation.

today's short-range forecast graphic was produced by Cecille M. Villanueva