Woznicki 1730Z September 9, 2011 0-2 Day Outlook

Forecast updated 1:25pm EST - 9 Sept 2011

The main weather story over the midwest continues to be the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee. This low pressure center is positioned over Illinois, but it is moving very slowly from East to West. This system will continue to dominate our weather over the weekend, as we will keep high temperatures in the mid 70s (well below average). A chance for showers, and perhaps a few small thunderstorms, will remain in effect from this system throughout the weekend. The graphic below shows forecasted afternoon high temperatures on Saturday.

As for the rest of the country - Hot and dry conditions continue for Texas, as the threat of wildfires is still very much a problem. The northwest is also experiencing very hot temperatures compared to their averages for this time of year (These temperatures are actually fairly high for any time of year for the Northwest). Lots of flooding is still occurring in the Northeast, with flood warnings extending from the DC metro area all the way up to the New England coast.

The Northeast seems to be in the clear as far as a landfall from Hurricane Katia, as it is now rapidly moving out towards the North Atlantic. We have two more tropical systems to watch - Nate and Maria. It looks like Tropical Storm Nate will become a Hurricane this weekend, and will track to the West towards Mexico. Tropical Storm Maria is worth watching, as it will start to affect Puerto Rico in the coming days.

Today's short range forecast brought to you by Joe Woznicki