Woznicki Long Range 10/17

Forecast updated 2:05pm EST - 17 Oct 2010

The surface low pressure system that will affect the Midwest early this week will be moving off to the Northeast by Thursday. High pressure will begin to move in on Thursday night and Friday. The following graphic demonstrates where the low pressure system will be located on Thursday morning. It looks as though the Northeast may get quite a bit of rainfall with system, depending on how far South the system continues to push. Neverthless, rain will be moving out of our area by the end of the week.

On the back side of theat low pressure system, we will be getting a northerly flow in the lower-levels of the atmosphere. This cold-air advection will allow for our temperatures to drop near freeaing on Thursday night. Expect widespread frost for the midwest. The following graphic shows areas where the coldest air will be felt at 850 mb. Temperatures will begin to warm back up for the weekend as high pressure begins to dominate the area.

Long-range forecast provided by Joe Woznicki, senior in Earth and Atmospheric Science at Purdue University.