0-2 Forecast on Oct 29

Forecast updated 1:00pm EST - 29 Oct 2012

The major story in the weather world is currently dominating the news sites. We have Hurricane Sandy shown below by the visible satellite. As you can see, its swath reached almost the entire length of the United States and is currently a category 1 hurricane. It is expected to make landfall tonight still as a category 1 storm and most of the metropolitan areas have been shut down for safety. The second map is from the NAM and is is showing the eye of the hurricane near southern New Jersey. The third map show the impact Sandy is having in the Midwest and Application states. This is the 850 mb level and you can see the cold temperatures (below 0 C) reaching down to southern Georgia. Closer to the eye of the storm, we are expecting major snow fall totals to accumulate. This storm is impacting the lives of millions of people on the East coast and it is important to keep an eye out on developing conditions.

today's short-range forecast graphic was produced by Adam Hartman