12-3 0-2 day web product

Warm air advection continues to affect Indiana. Humidity keeps in a high level. The temperture keep in the upper 60s through the rest of today.

A cold front is going to move to the States tonight at around 2 a.m. It will go through the northwest to southeast. 0.01- 0.25 inches precipitation will be expected. The precipitation period will end at Tuesday night. The main focus of 0-2 days forecast should be the temperature change in the next 24 hours. The high temperature would be in 50s tomorrow. The temperature depression is about 10 F in 24 hrs.

After the frontal passage, the high pressure will dominated our area again until the next front comes on Thursday.Tempature will be more seasonal with high in 40s and lower in 20s.

850 mb chart shows low level jet associated with the coming cold front. The lower jet not only assist lifting motion, but also transfer moisture air to the cyclone system.