31 October Forecast Days 0-2

The forecast for our area is calm for the next few days. High temperatures should increase a few degrees for Thursday and Friday into the lower 50's, with lows in the mid 30's. Skies will be mostly sunny through the two day period, with clouds and our next chance for rain not coming until Saturday. In the Pacific Northwest, a major low pressure system is dumping substantial rainfall, and out east, the remnants of Sandy are moving northward into Canada, bringing precipitation and some winds, though nothing like that which ravaged the east coast over the past few days.

The image below is a look at the GFS 12z model run, showing heights, temperatures, and wind at 850mb. This forecast is valid for Friday at 18z. The image shows Sandy spinning up into Canada, still pulling cold air in behind it on the western side of the low. Warmer air is moving up into our area from the southwest. Relatively high pressure is sitting over the middle of the country, in between the two massive lows to the west and east.

Forecast prepared by Bryce O'Neill Oct 31, 2012