3-7 Day Web Product

The figure below shows an image from the GFS model for Monday December 12 at 1200 UTC. The 1000 to 500 mean virtual temperature, mean sea level pressure, and 6-hour total precipitation is shown. A low is located on the border of Michigan and Ohio and strong cold front is connected to it. The cold front is moving through Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi. The precipitation in Ohio, Indiana, and south should be in the form of rain as temperatures will be aboving freezing. Precipitation in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Missouri at this time will likely be snow as temperatures within the lower atmosphere will be well below freezing. This cold front is expected produce alot of precipitation. The new air mass will also be quite colder as what the strong 1000 to 500 mean virtual temperature displays. Temperatures will likely be in the low 40's in Indiana but states north of Indiana could see temperatures topping out in the upper 20's.

This web product was produced by James Parish ll.