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High pressure will dominate our area throughout the week.

Cold front passed through our area in early Monday. It keeps decreasing the temperature. High pressure has built up after the passage and will likely to dominate our area throughout the forecast period. A deep trough sustains the zonal flows. Cold air will keep inject into our area, because of the cold air advection. It decreases the temperature and relative humidity. Cold air advection is likely to weaken as the trough slowly moves out.

Figure 1: high pressure dominates our area. GFS shows a possibility of low pressure approaching east coast. There are bias about the low pressure system's path among models. GFS and ECMWF show the low pressure will possibly moves close to the east coast in early next week. We need to keep an eye on the future runs of models.

Figure 2:

A vortex maximum is moving to the north of IN on 11-15 00Z(Wed. night). Because of the dry and cold surface condition, no precipitation is expected during this uplifting process.

In conclusion, for the 3-7 days forecast, no significant precipitation is expected throughout the week. Temperature will keep in higher 40s and lower 50s. Freezing fog and frost may be a main issue for the INDOT forecast.

by Wendy Pan_11-12-2012