30 Nov Day 0-2

Currently (18Z) over the Great Lakes region, there is a cold front with associated cloud cover. Temperatures here in Central Indiana are currently in the lower 50's, while temps in north central Michigan are currently below freezing. This front should largely hold north of the state overnight. Temperatures may dip to near the dew point in the Northern part of the state, bringing a chance for fog. Elsewhere in the country, high pressure is largely dominant, keeping skies rain-free. This is not the case in the Pacific Northwest, where San Francisco is receiving heavy rainfall. Heavy rains may cause flooding there.

This Image is the visible satellite view showing the cold front over the Great Lakes region.

Looking ahead to the weekend, our area can expect rain to move through Sunday morning, as an area of low pressure moves through Ontario. Temperatures will remain above freezing in this area. Out west, rain will continue to fall, bringing more potential for flooding in Northern California. Rain should finally clear out of that area by the end of the day on Sunday.

This image is the 12Z Nam forecast valid for Sunday at 12Z.