9/10/2012 0-2days

Image 1, which is shown below, shows METAR data at 1540 UTC on 9/10/2012. Temperatures right around 70 degree Fahrenheit and dew point temperatures right around 50 degree Fahrenheit or lower are in the Midwest, so there is a very comfortable air mass in place after that cold front passed through last Friday.

Image 2, which is shown below, shows the current placement and projections of Tropical Storm Leslie and Hurricane Michael. Luckily neither one of these tropical systems is projected to hit the United States.

Image 2 shown below shows an upper level ridge that is going to set up over the Midwest on Wednesday. As this upper level ridge sets up temperatures will begin to rise. Temperatures will be in the 80's rather than the 70's.

Today's 0-2 day forecast was produced by James Parish.