Day 0-2 Web Product

Temperatures over Indiana are anticipated to remain in the mid 50's throughout today, with little chance for precipitation except for northern regions of the state. Winds today are calm and from the south. By tomorrow, winds will begin to back veer slightly in the eastward direction, indicating sight warm air advection. This will lead to a slight chance for lake effect snow off Lake Michigan if convection is initiated. While skies are partly cloudy now, they expected to fill in and remain cloudy through Tuesday.

Development of a jet core by Wednesday over the state of Indiana will leave us in the right entrance region of the core, an area of strong convergence. Even so, little precipitation is in the forecast for the 0-2 day period.

Elsewhere in the country, strong low pressure systems are currently impacting both coasts. A low centered of the east of Florida is bringing clouds and precipitation throughout the east coast and a significant area of low pressure is impacting the northwest - bringing even blizzard conditions to part of the northern Rocky Mountains.