Long Term Range-11/14

As shown by the two figures, there will be a high pressure over the Midwest for the following week. However, there will be a slight warm up due to an increase of southerly flow. The top map is shown at 1800 Z on 11/14. The bottom map is taken 174 hours later at 0000Z on 11/22. Between the maps, the mean virtual temperature over the Lafayette area increased from -9 to -2. This will lead to more seasonal temperatures for the time period. Surface temperatures will rise about 10 degrees F. The high pressure will keep skies clear and sunny throughout the week. Some models indicate a chance for rain on Tuesday 11/20, but this is very tentative. The models are very inconsistent, and it is too far out still to forecast the exact timing and amount of the event. Winds should remain fairly calm due to a weak pressure gradient because of the high pressure system.

This has been provided by Kayla Hudson 11/14 1800 UTC.