Nov 16: 3-7 Day Forecast

Weather should remain calm until Tuesday morning when a chance moves through most of the state and Great Lakes regions.

After this system moves through, a new system will come in Friday night bringing more precipitation across most of the Midwest, associated with a cold front from a low pressure system located over Lake Superior.

Out on the East Coast, another storm moves up the Gulf Stream and could affect the area. However, it seems as if the system could be just far enough away from the coast to have a small affect on the already weakened East Coast.

There are some disagreements about this system, as the European Weather Model, ECMWF, has this system remaining out in the Atlantic Ocean and not affecting the East Coast.

Most likely, this system will remain close the coast and affect sea travel and other travel plans before Thanksgiving, especially up north of New York in the Boston and New England area.

Today's Long Term Forecast was created by Juan Crespo.