Sept 24 3-7 Day Forecast

After showers move out of the area on Wednesday, the next chance for precipitation in the Midwest and Indiana areas begins Thursday night into Friday morning as a small line of rain moves towards the east through the area. The system remains relatively stationary over the area during that time period before clearing out by Friday afternoon.

GFS Model outlook at 1200UTC on Friday, September 28th, 2012. Variables plotted include 1000-500mb thickness (red dashed lines [decameters]), Mean Sea Level Pressure (yellow solid lines [hectopascals]), and 6 hour total precipitation (green shaded areas [centimeters]).

Once these showers push through early on Friday, conditions should clear up, as the 850mb plot below shows. This will give the area sunny conditions on Saturday with pleasurable conditions for the Purdue/Marshall football game on Saturday afternoon.

GFS Model outlook at the 850mb level at 1800 UTC on Saturday, September 29th, 2012. Plotting 850mb heights (yellow solid lines [decameters]), temperature (red dotted lines [Celsius]), and wind vectors (green barbs [knots]).

Today's long range forecast graphics were provided by Juan A. Crespo.