Short Range 11/12/12

A cold front with a strong temperature gradient has passed through the overnight and into this morning. A few snow showers were witnessed on the back side of the cold front and precipitation. The below image displays the visible satellite data from the cold front that has passed through.

As seen in the image above, cold air will continue to bleed into much of the state throughout the rest of the day and into tomorrow. Temperatures will continue to fall throughout the day today with the high temperatures already observed earlier in the morning. With the cooler temperatures and high pressure that are settling in, winds will be light into the overnight and allow for a chance of freezing fog tomorrow morning for much of the state. Models are showing a vorticity max that comes through tonight, but there is not enough instability within the atmosphere to allow for enough lift for snow showers.

The cooler temperatures will be here for the next two days. The below image displays the 850 mb temperatures.

Temperatures at the 850 mb level are likely to hover from -3 to -9 degrees C throughout much of the week. These colder temperatures will also relate to colder temperatures at the surface. Throughout much of the state, temperatures from the upper 40s in the south to upper 30s in the north are likely to be experienced for high temperatures tomorrow. Wednesday appears to be somewhat similar with slightly warmer temperatures.

Today's Short Range Forecast was provided by Austin Pearson.