Short Range Outlook 10/15/12

Forecast updated 12:00pm EST - 15 Oct 2012

Temperatures will be on the rise for the next couple of days in front of an approaching cold front. High temperatures today will reach the low 60s. Tomorrow temperatures will approach 70 as the 850 mb temperatures increase. The below image displays the 1000-500 mb thickness and sea level pressure contours.

Thickness values near the Lafayette area will most likely be between the 558 and 564 contours, which is an increase compared to thickness values of today.

An approaching cold front is also expected within the next couple of days and looks to affect the Lafayette area by Thursday. The below image displays the developing vorticity in a trough pattern.

The circled area of vorticity maxis are expected to develop even further and produce a strong cold front. Temperatures behind the front will cool rapidly and precipitation will be expected in areas of positive vorticity advection on Thursday.

today's short-range forecast graphic was produced by Austin Pearson