Here is my outlook for Saturday April 30th as of 1:10pm April 27th.

Saturday morning looks to lead to a nice warm up into the after noon as the next precipitation system is a day off we will see a warm up as warm moist air pushed in from the gulf. Other than the humid conditions caused by this gulf air push we could see temperatures in the 70s. The main problem will be mildly strong winds from 18-25mph possibly could get a small downburst leading to wind gust around 35mph. This wind will be warm as it is blowing from the south. So overall we will have a nice breezy Saturday. Associated maps taken from NMAP2 at Purdue University.

- Talon Atwell

12 hour precip total for Saturday around 2pm.

850mb winds (Upper air winds) Show very fast moving air forcing warmer temperatures and moisture into our area.

Upper level omega forcing. This shows rising motion to our west and some sinking motion over us, thus leading to 'the calm before the storm', but it doesn't look like we will get much of a storm Sunday.

1000mb or surface condition shows some mild winds of around 20mph out of the south and temperatures nearing 70 degrees Fahrenheit.