15 February Current

Analysis valid 2:00pm EST 15 Feb 2011

Currently in Lafayette our temperatures have cooled off slightly from yesterday with temperatures throughout most of the state in the 30s having warmed up from the mid 20s we saw last night. Most of the state is also experiencing high broken clouds as can be seen in figure 1 below. Winds are currently out of the southeast at 6 knots. A warm front is currently developing in the western United States which is bringing some slight rain to parts of the Texas panhandle. As this system moves east it will bring the next potential chance of rain to the majority of the midwest.

Forecast created by Johnny Martin and Tim Lucko

Figure 1: Metar data for 1400 EST overlayed with GOES satellite image for the same time.

Figure 2: 1200 EST run of the ruc model

Switching gears to look nationally, we can see from this frontogenesis product that aforementioned warm front is currently developing from the Texas panhandle northwards to the Canadian/ North Dakota border. Looking at 1000 millibar streamlines further supports this evidence of frontogenesis. The following figure shows these streamlines with the warm front labeled on it as well.

Figure 3: 1200 EST run of the ruc model