Analysis valid 1:00pm EST 17 Feb 2011

The first web graphic is a skew-t of Lincoln, IL at 1200Z. There is heavy saturation at the lower levels up into the 800mb range, but then there is a huge dry pocket aloft. This dry pocket is preventing any chance of precipitation currently and is also allowing for the temperatures to continue to rise. The Illinois/ Indiana region is experiencing some pretty gusty winds with sustained winds in the upper 20's and gusts in the mid to upper 30's.

The second graphic below is a compilation of surface temperatures with an overlay of watervapor at 17Z. Temperatures in Southern Indiana have reached the 60 threshold and will continue to rise throughout the afternoon continuing the thaw.

The last graphic below is a plot of with direction with speed. To determine the wind direction, simply look at which way the barb is pointing. For example, in Indianapolis, IN, the barb is pointing towards the south, meaning the wind is coming from the south. For each long line you see on an individual station, that represents 10mph. For each small line you see, that represents 5mph. In Indianapolis, the wind is coming from the south at 15mph. In Lafayette, the wind is coming from the southwest at 15mph.

Today's current weather graphic was produced by Brittany Davila and Matthew Rudkin