3 February Current

Analysis valid 2:00pm EST 3 Feb 2011

The main weather story for today is the disturbance in the Southeast. Middle to upper level onshore flow from the Gulf is bringing in moisture with significant warm air advection, providing a broad area of precipitation. Temperatures will allow for snow in the northernmost regions with an extensive swath of mixed snow, sleet and freezing rain extending from Texas through to the Georgia/South Carolina coast. The best chance for accumulating ice in Alabama has passed as temperatures slowly climb above freezing bringing on sleet overnight and rain much of the day Friday, as goes the rest of the South.

A strong High pressure following the strong cyclone of the past few days dominates much of the rest of country. Scattered snow showers in the Intermountain west, Northern Great Lakes and Greater Colorado area can also be found, with moderate rain moving onshore in Washington state.

Today's current weather graphic was produced by Tim Lucko