11 January Long Range

Forecast updated 3:30pm EST - 11 Jan 2011

This forecast is valid for late Monday night and early Tuesday morning, 17th and 18th, next week.

Continuing the active pattern in the area of late, another system is dropping down from the High Plains and headed for the Ohio River Valley early next week. Today's model indicates high relative humidity coupled with somewhat significant vertical motion making this something to watch for. Surface temperatures look to be above freezing from Springfield, IL through Columbus, OH and areas south with sub-zero air aloft will create mixed winter precipitation, melting snow and/or ice anywhere in this region. Early estimates on snow totals on the North end of the system could drop another 2-4 inches with higher amounts from banding of precip. Maximum rainfall total appears to be targeted in west-central Tennessee where Tuesday could bring 1 to 1.5 inches locally and a soggy day throughout much of the rest of the South.

Today's long-range forecast graphic was produced by Tim Lucko, with assistance from Shadya Sanders