Feb 9 Long Range

Forecast updated 8:00pm EST - 9 Feb 2011

The deep freeze that has been dominate over most of the Central and Eastern US will start to retreat to the north this weekend. While snow cover will prevent us from warming up dramtically, we can expect much warmer, seasonal to above normal, temperatures as we head into the weekend and next week. Temperautres across the great lakes and Ohio Valley region will range in the 30's and 40's for highs. The overall patturn will also calm down and besides from a few weak clipper systems moving through the area, we can expect a quieter period over the next week.

This shows the mid levels of the atmosphere and a strong ridge building out to our west. This will move our way this weekend pushing the cold artic air to the North and East.

Heading into Saturday and Sunday you will see that temperatures near the surface will even warm up despite massive snow cover across the region. We can expect near average temperatures in the low to mid 30's to begin to melt the snow (ICE) pack.

Despite an area of Max Vorticity moving through the region on Sunday, Vorticity Advection is pretty much non existent.

Temperature advection also seems to be quite low across the region and with the lack of any advection quite weather will prevail.

Today's long-range forecast graphic was produced by Brian Doogs