Long Range - 10 February 2011

Forecast updated 1:30pm EST - 10 Feb 2011

As you are hopefully aware, there is quite a bit of a warm up coming! The blocking ridge over the Atlantic is moving further East and North. This will allow for the warm-up, and with it, a chance of rain... not snow. The following graphic is a generated picture of 2m temperatures for 16 Feb around 12Z, with temperatures ranging from the mid 30's to lower 40's.

This is the same time showing the 1000-500 thicknesses with values recorded in decameters, and precipitation values for 12 hour intervals. As you can see, there is a local maximum in precipitation amounts in the Lake Tahoe area. This could cause large amounts of snow and winter precipitation. The precipitation over the Midwest will be relatively light, but could continue for a day or so.

Today's long-range forecast graphic was produced by Aaron Hurley and Kevin Van Leer.