Baby's A Comin'!! :)

For the 42 hour forecast of the 06Z model run, there is precipitation forecasted over IN. To see why and what type of precip, we will look at omega, temperature advection, vorticity advection, and a sounding.

Looking at the 36 hour forecast of the skewT for Indianapolis, IN (from the 12Z run), it showed some interesting features:

This shows a fairly dry adiabatic lapse rate for the lowest 150mb or so.

Looking at the 850mb heights, temps, and winds we see slight CAA at this time.

Looking at the vorticity at 500mb, we see there is vorticity above IN, but little vorticity advection.

Thus, this shows little omega at this time:

However, just north-east of us at this time, there are some nice streamlines which show some deformation at 1000mb:

The isotherms are favorable for frontogenesis, and this is shown as frontogenesis is plotted:

Today's graphics were produced by Aaron Hurley and Kate Demchak