Feb 15 Short Range

Forecast updated 2:00pm EST - 15 Feb 2011

This week brings a much needed break from winter across the midwest. High Pressure moving off to the east will bring winds out of the southwest and an increase in temperatures and wind over the next few days. We can expect temperatures nearing 50 degrees on Wed and near 60 on Thursday. Lows will also remain really warm in the mid 40's. Chances of precip are pretty slim in the short term and Partly Cloudy and breezy conditions can be expected.

We can see high pressure moving off to the east and on the backside winds and temperatures will be on the increase out of the southwest for Wed and Thur.

Not too much vorticity/advection going into wed.

Humidity values are really low as well as omega values. This indicates sinking motion and not good conditions for precip.

The GFS is showing a wide area of light precip across our region and surrounding regions. I think this is way overdone, especially after looking at dynamics. I would expect partly to mostly cloudy skies with a chance of a sprinkle. The heaviest precip looks to wait until later in the week.

today's short-range forecast graphic was produced by Brian Doogs and Kate Demchak