3 February Verification

Forecast verification updated 2:00pm EST - 3 Feb 2011

The following graphic depicts the precipitation type that occured on Tuesday, February 1st associated

with the cyclone that moved through the area. Northwest Indiana had snow totals for the day of over 13

inches, while totals were cut down as you move east. Fort Wayne experienced just 4.9 inches for the day,

but these totals don't include Monday evenings snow accumulations. As you moved south into the mid

portions of Indiana, there were substantial amounts of sleet and freezing rain recorded. Indianapolis, Terre Haute,

and mid-eastern portions of the state were largely affected by the freezing rain event. Indianapolis recorded

a half of inch of liquid equivalent for the day. The southern portions of the state saw large amounts of rain.

Cities in the Louisville area observed rain amounts of 0.95 inches over the course of the day, while Cincinnati recorded

1 inch of rain/freezing rain. The southwestern portion in the Evansville area recorded a little over a half of inch.

Snow totals were down from what was originally anticipated. The low pressure system ended up taking a

track that was shifted to the north. While the Lafayette area was originally anticipated to have mostly snow coverage;

we ended up with large amounts of sleet. Southern portions of the state were originally forecasted to get some

ice, but got mostly rain due to warmer temperatures as shown in the surface observations in the 2nd figure. This

image was taken from the evening hours on Tuesday. It is shown that temperatures were well above freezing,

with Evansville reaching into the 40's.

today's forecast verification graphic was produced by Matthew Dixon and Brittney Davila