FEB 16 Verification

Forecast verification updated 2:00pm EST - 16 Feb 2011

"Unseasonally" warm temperatures have taken over the central U.S. bring nice, warm temperatures to our area. The first graph shows the 552 average height for February. This line is moving farther North as the week progresses. The different colors represent each day listed respectively with today being the white line. This means warmer temperatures to the mid west. The second graph shows the temperature advection from this morning. We have positive temperature advection (warm air advection) which brought us the nice, mild morning temperatures. The third image shows the 540 "freezing" line far up into Canada with Southerly winds pushing up into the midwest. Expect temperatures right around 60 by tomorrow and friday.

Today's forecast verification graphic was produced by Meghan Henschen and Kevin Van Leer