This is the Isentropic Analysis 36 hour Forecast, using the 12z model run for the 11th of February. Considering that when the wind flows from high to low pressure rising motion can be expected. At the 36 hour forecast time there is heavy precip forecasted for extreme north eastern Texas through southern Missouri. Using Isentropic Analysis there is strong upward motion in the same areas. We came to this concesus from not only the direction of the wind but also from the strength of the wind as well. This makes it clear that there was strong pressure advection in these areas. We also concidered the different theta levels including 290, 295, 300. We think that both the 300 and 295 showed the best correlation with the precip that was expected. The 290 level map was a little bit weaker and that could be because it is lower in the atmosphere. Below is the 300, 295 and 290 level maps with the precip circled, respectivly.

This was prepared by Catherine Simpson and Nik Rueter