Simpson's Record Heat In March

If you haven't taken a step outside lately it has felt like summer for the past couple of weeks. This has sparked tons of conversation on why this is happening. First thing to look at is the 200mb level, below. Here, there is a very strong trough that is coupled with a very strong high. This combination has put the most of the country and some of southern Canada in a heat box.

Taking a closer look at home, Lake Michigan water temperatures have been increasing significantly in correlation with our recent warm spell. Look below is a graph of Lake Michigan water temperature the red line represents where we are now and the blue line represents the average water temperature. As of right now it is 88degrees C in comparison to what the average is. And are temperatures that are usually reached around early June.

It has no doubt been one of the warmest March's on record. Take a look at the image below provided by weatherunderground. Here you can clearly see where the high pressure is a dominance and where the trough is.

Looking back at previous years in Chicago, you can clearly see that we are leaps and bounds over any other previous "warm" March. This graph was also provided by weatherunderground.

This blocking pattern should break down soon to cool us down to the 60's but that is still well above normal. In light of all of our warm weather the snow cover has been effected significantly. Below is an image provided by weatherunderground there is a huge difference in where we were last year in comparison to now.