Palac BOS

According to the RAP surface data, the temperature near Taunton is 78 degrees. Worcester is currently at 85, the old record high was 84. Once the sea breeze dies down from the morning, expect temperature for Boston and Taunton to the mid 80’s. High temperature records across the state are in jeopardy of being broken today.

A cold front will pass through the area overnight entering the area at about 6z. The forecast area looks dry but there is a slight chance for the southernmost tip of the precipitation line with this low but not likely. There is some frontogenesis at the surface according to the mesoanalysis page; the problem is that the air is just too dry to formulate precipitation as of now.

Once the front pushes of on Tuesday late morning, temperature will drop to near 40 Tuesday night, with highs on Wednesday near 60. A high pressure system will dominate and keep the forecast area pretty quiet.

Friday night into Saturday can get interesting if the low moves more southeast. As of now, the track of the low shows the precipitation northwest of the state. Models are in fairly good agreement right now so it looks dry right now but as the low continues to puss northeast, expect shows to enter the area on Saturday.

Another system looks to be moving into the area early next week but the timing is still uncertain. As of now the ncep model output for the GFS shows showers entering the area early Sunday and the heaviest showers Monday night into Tuesday. Expect highs for Sunday and Monday near 60.


The Boston airport reached a high of 87 shattering the old record of 84 in 2003. The models had a good handle of this extreme tempaerture which is an encouragiong sign for the rest of the weeks forecasts. The front came through as expected. The Boston airport had only a trace of rain which was fairly accurate.

Worcester also broke their previous record of 84 with a scorching 88. They reported .02 inches which was a little surprise. The front seemed to have shifted to the east of the projected path. Boston reaceived a trace when the models had them in the clear. The front basted over Boston just before 12Z on tuesday. The front passed 6 hours later than first anticipated.

The temperature did not drop nearly as much as was anticipate after the front. Most of the models had highs for Tuesday in the low 60's. Worcester reported a high of 77 and a low of 52. A second front seemed to form with this low that help back much of the cold air for Tuesday. The second front that went through was dry and couldn't fire up any precipitation. Both of these front were slower than predicted. Once the second front went through the Boston area 0Z Wednesday, the temperatures significantly dropped. Boston reported a high of 62 with a low of 49 for Wednesday. These were the temperature that were supposed to come late Tuesday. due to the delay of the low, the cold air didn't arive till Wednesday.

High pressure moves into the area Thursday and is keeping the temperature down, which is a nice break from the 88 we saw on Monday. The high has very cool and dry air. Current temperature accros the area range from 52 on the coast to 66 inland. Dewpoints also range from 44 on the coast to 32 inland.