60 Hour Precipitation GFS 211

60 Hour Potential Precipitation Type

Trenberth Forcing

00Z 130323

18Z 130323


A very strong low pressure system looks to develop in the west and push toward the east by late Saturday evening. Strong rising motion will most likely develop and increase chances of precipitation on the north and eastern side of the low pressure system. The 60 hour precipitation displays the GFS211 model predicted precipitation through 00Z 130324. Most of the precipitation through the central Plains into the Missouri region will experience the majority of the precipitation during the last few hours of this 60 hour period. Other forcings that will be driving the precipitation are warm air advection on the eastern side of the low pressure system and positive vorticity advection.

SREF model plumes and snowfall probability maps were used to determine the most probable precipitation type. Most of the Central Plains will receive snowfall. Areas south of Missouri will most likely receive rainfall.