Current Indiana

This image shows the visible from the satellite at 1 km. There are clouds over the southern portion of the state, as well as the north off Lake Michigan. Even though it looks like clouds are covering the central portion of the state, it is actually snow from the snowstorm on Sunday night into Monday. As shown by surface sites, all locations are above freezing, meaning that the snow that is left, has continued to melt.

This image shows the radar in comparison to the critical winter thickness lines. Even though it is late March, we are still experiencing some winter weather. All of the critical thicknesses are south of Indiana, indicating that winter weather could happen again. However, critical thicknesses are not solely strong enough to base a winter forecast. As shown by the blue line north of Indiana, the freezing point cuts through Minnesota then stays in Canada. This means that points south of there are above freezing. Even if winter weather would occur, it is too warm on the ground for it to accumulate. Also, as shown by the radar, there is very little reflectivity over Indiana, with it most likely not reaching the ground.