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This image shows 6 hour total precipitation compared to critical thicknesses for winter weather. The low pressure system moving through the Minnesota and Wisconsin area has the key layer dividing the system. This indicates that there is a possibility for a mixture of winter weather with this system.

For the same location as examined above, the area receiving precipitation has strong cold air advection. Since this is a negative forcing term, it will help to shut the precipitation off. However, with the cold air, we can expect to see some parts receive winter precipitation.

This is a model skew-t taken from the middle of Minnesota where the center of the critical thickness lines are located. Since thicknesses alone are not enough to diagnose winter weather, I decided to check out a skew-t. Throughout the atmosphere, the temperature remains below freezing and is saturated to the 900 mb level. This layer also has winds predominatly from the north and start to back throughout the atmosphere. This indicates that this area has a great chance for snow to occur.