Useful Forecasting Tools

Below you will find various apps and websites that will be helpful in the production of your forecast. It is not necessary to use every single tool listed below, every meteorologist has his or her own personal preference of what tools they like to use. A description of each tool will be provided in order to help new-comers to more quickly find specific tools. You will find models among the tools here but it is important to verify the models against actual observed data. Happy Forecasting!

  • Accuweather Pro -
    • A plethora of information can be found here. Model data, radar data, and even text based output of the models can all be found here.
  • College of Dupage -
    • The college of Dupage forecast page provides a good deal of tools all in one convenient location. From their page you have access to radar data, satellite imagery (an excellent tool for verifying what the models are saying), and a couple of models with various outputs. All of the tools can be located under the third tab from the left that says "Weather Analysis Tools".
  • Iowa State Meteogram Generator -
    • The Iowa state page allows you to see a graph based output of the data from the models. To the right of the page you are able to edit some of the properties of these graphs and change the site that is being modeled. The site code for Lafayette is klaf but if you are interested in forecasting for another location, simply look to the top hand corner of the page and click the blue link that says Google Maps. This will pull up a map that will list all weather sites and their respective site codes.
  • NOAA SREF Plumes -
    • SREF stands for Short Range Ensemble Forecast. This tool is a model that will modify initial conditions slightly and produce a handful of model runs to be displayed in a meteogram type format (or a graphical format). Temperature, snow amounts, and Probability of Precipitation (POP) are a few of the graphs it can show. There is a map below the graph that will allow you to choose where you want it to model.
  • Radar-scope - Available on the I-tunes store and the Google Play store. (Works on mac computers as well)
    • Perhaps one of the best radar data tools available. This is a smart-phone app but is also available on mac computers. Provides access to NEXRAD Level 3 radar data from all over the United States. There are many products available from this one app, a few being reflectivity, velocity, and vertically integrated liquid.
  • WPC Surface Analysis - - Loop SLP and fronts for 7 days gives a nice overview.
  • Indiana Weather History -

Link to Weather Powerpoint 1 Fall 2015 for videos and Facebook.

Link to Weather Powerpoint 2 Fall 2015 for videos and Facebook.

Link to Powerpoint for weather forecast videos - NAM/GFS/RAP, includes model soundings - HRRR/NAM/GFS/RAP/ECMWF/UKMET - includes model soundings - snowfall ratio data

Meteogram - model data for several variables

SREF PLUMES - model data from SPC's SREF


Model Skew-T -

Recommended reading: Midlatitude Synoptic Meteorology: Dynamics, Analysis & Forecasting by Gary Lackmann

Learning Modules -

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