12/6 Short-term

Throughout tonight and into Thursday, there is high pressure moving into our location and building throughout the days as seen in figure 1. Along with the high pressure, figure two shows there will be dry conditions for the next two days. Moving into Wednesday an upper level trough (figure 3) will bring temperatures down. For Wednesday temperatures will be in the mid 30s with mostly cloudy conditions. Thursday temperatures are showing highs in the mid 20s and continue to decrease into Friday. At this time, wind speeds will increase and come from the north west creating wind chill. Also during Thursday, Indiana shows cold temperature advection at the 850 mb level (figure 4). This advection cold cause forcing and could lead to potential light snowfall going into Thursday evening.

Figure 1: Shows the high pressure building in our area.

Figure two: This map shows the dryer conditions expected throughout the middle of this week.

Figure 3: contains the upper level winds, as they increase to bring cooler air from the north west to us.

Figure four: Throughout Thursday, there is cold air advection over Indiana, causing forcing in the atmosphere and the potential for snow showers.