Extended Weather Outlook

Issued at 1:30 p.m. EDT Wednesday, November 20, 2013, by Gino Recchia (grecchia@purdue.edu), Steven Chun, Brandon Owen

extended day 2-7 summary (statewide)

Extended days 2 - 7 (WED, NOV 21 - WED, NOV 27) summary (statewide):

Chances of rain will continue through the day Thursday and Friday before a strong cold front moves through the entire area late Friday.

As the front passes through winds will turn northerly off the lake and produce chances of lake effect snow for La Porte and Fort Wayne districts starting early afternoon Saturday before ending Sunday morning. A more impressive lake effect snow possibility will occur mid week with chances of lake effect snow over the La Porte and Fort Wayne districts. As of now it looks like lake effect snow will start late Tuesday night, throughout Wednesday and into early Thursday morning. Keep in mind this is a full week out and is expected to change.



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