This surface map and radar image shows the low pressure systems/cold fronts that moved across the U.S. the past couple of days. On the northern edge of the frontal system, snow was brought to much of the Great Lakes region. The secondary cold front continued to bring snow and colder temperatures to the area. On the southern half of the front, rain developed along the front.

This is a preliminary map showing the snow totals associated with the systems discussed above. Totals reached into the 6-8 inch range.

The surface map and radar image show the weather from earlier today. The cold front has moved across most of the U.S bringing large temperature drops across the Ohio River and South Atlantic areas. In Florida, large amounts of rainfall are expected due to the upper level energy that mixed with the moisture from the Gulf. Lake effect snow is observed in the Great Lakes region as colder air moves across the lakes. A large high pressure system has moved in over the Great Plains/Midwest region, bringing drier conditions to this area.