Patrick's Forecast

Updated: 1:00 p.m. EST Thursday, January 12, 2017 by Patrick Saunders (

Short term

After experiencing several rounds of rain and thunderstorms that produced over an inch of rain this morning and last night, a cold front will be moving through the state of Indiana throughout the day today. Precipitation chances will be eliminated for Indiana as the cold front (currently along a line from Fort Wayne to Terre Haute) continues to move southeastward. Cloudy conditions will keep temperatures steady near freezing before breaks in the clouds allow for the temperature to drop well into the 20's tonight.

Longer term

High pressure will pass to our north which will temporarily keep precipitation chances at bay today through much of Friday. The next system will bring the possibility of freezing rain this weekend. As with any system that has freezing rain, there will be a lot of uncertainties with this. It is likely that there will be on/off light freezing rain Friday night through Sunday night with uncertainties on exact timing through this period. It is likely that there will be a band of highest accumulations of 1/4"+ through central Indiana with lower totals north and south of this band. Farther south will be too warm and will include more rain than freezing rain, and farther north will just have less precipitation in general. A northern/southern shift of this band of freezing could greatly change the outcome of this forecast. Because of the possibility of this shift, it's important to know that there is the possibility of <1/4" freezing rain accumulations in most of Indiana. Any amount of freezing rain will create hazardous driving conditions and when we start getting in the realm of <1/4" accumulations then power outages start to become more likely. This system will then transition into rain for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday as the system progresses and the stationary front transitions into a warm front, moving north and bringing in warmer air.