project status

to access surface and upperair data from our NAWIPS system:

source /export/project/a/ldm/NAWIPS/setup_project.csh

surface and upperair data were obtained from the Iowa State GEMPAK archive at:

other potentially useful sites:

Schultz (2010) on effective writing for case study papers:

sample case study papers (see below for PDFs):

Stensrud and Maddox (1988) "Opposing Mesoscale Circulations: A Case Study"

O'Handley and Bosart (1989) "Subsynoptic-Scale Structure in a Major Synoptic-Scale Cyclone"

Wasula et al. (2007) "Mesoscale Aspects of the Rapid Intensification of a Tornadic Convective Line across Central Florida: 22–23 February 1998"

Corfidi, Johns, and Darrow (2016) "The Great Basin Derecho of 31 May 1994"