sharppy skewT

copy and paste this block of code into an empty jupyter cell. modify the first line to read in a different sounding file for analysis. the remainder of the code will calculate a variety of characteristics based on surface, mixed-layer, and most-unstable parcels, plotting a skew-T and hodograph.

# the filename will also be used as a title for the plot
# read data in from text file using SPC format
spc_file = open(filename, 'r').read()
pres, hght, tmpc, dwpc, wdir, wspd = parseSPC(spc_file)
# create a sharppy profile
prof = profile.create_profile(profile='default', pres=pres, hght=hght, tmpc=tmpc, \
                                    dwpc=dwpc, wspd=wspd, wdir=wdir, missing=-9999, strictQC=True)
# lift surface, most-unstable, and mixed-layer parcels
sfcpcl = params.parcelx( prof, flag=1 ) # Surface Parcel
mupcl = params.parcelx( prof, flag=3 ) # Most-Unstable Parcel
mlpcl = params.parcelx( prof, flag=4 ) # 100 mb Mixed-Layer Parcel
# calculate several wind shear and instability characteristics
sfc = prof.pres[prof.sfc]
p3km = interp.pres(prof, interp.to_msl(prof, 3000.))
p6km = interp.pres(prof, interp.to_msl(prof, 6000.))
p1km = interp.pres(prof, interp.to_msl(prof, 1000.))
mean_3km = winds.mean_wind(prof, pbot=sfc, ptop=p3km)
sfc_6km_shear = winds.wind_shear(prof, pbot=sfc, ptop=p6km)
sfc_3km_shear = winds.wind_shear(prof, pbot=sfc, ptop=p3km)
sfc_1km_shear = winds.wind_shear(prof, pbot=sfc, ptop=p1km)
srwind = params.bunkers_storm_motion(prof)
srh3km = winds.helicity(prof, 0, 3000., stu = srwind[0], stv = srwind[1])
srh1km = winds.helicity(prof, 0, 1000., stu = srwind[0], stv = srwind[1])
stp_fixed = params.stp_fixed(sfcpcl.bplus, sfcpcl.lclhght, srh1km[0], utils.comp2vec(sfc_6km_shear[0], sfc_6km_shear[1])[1])
ship = params.ship(prof)
eff_inflow = params.effective_inflow_layer(prof)
ebot_hght = interp.to_agl(prof, interp.hght(prof, eff_inflow[0]))
etop_hght = interp.to_agl(prof, interp.hght(prof, eff_inflow[1]))
effective_srh = winds.helicity(prof, ebot_hght, etop_hght, stu = srwind[0], stv = srwind[1])
ebwd = winds.wind_shear(prof, pbot=eff_inflow[0], ptop=eff_inflow[1])
ebwspd = utils.mag( ebwd[0], ebwd[1] )
ebwspdms = ebwspd*0.514
# Set the parcel trace to be plotted as the Most-Unstable parcel.
pcl = mupcl
# Create a new figure. The dimensions here give a good aspect ratio
fig = plt.figure(figsize=(6.5875, 6.2125))
ax = fig.add_subplot(111, projection='skewx')
pmax = 1000
pmin = 10
dp = -10
presvals = np.arange(int(pmax), int(pmin)+dp, dp)
# plot the moist-adiabats
for t in np.arange(-10,45,5):
    tw = []
    for p in presvals:
        tw.append(thermo.wetlift(1000., t, p))
    ax.semilogy(tw, presvals, 'k-', alpha=.2)
def thetas(theta, presvals):
    return ((theta + thermo.ZEROCNK) / (np.power((1000. / presvals),thermo.ROCP))) - thermo.ZEROCNK
# plot the dry adiabats
for t in np.arange(-50,110,10):
    ax.semilogy(thetas(t, presvals), presvals, 'r-', alpha=.2)
plt.title(filename, fontsize=12, loc='left')
# Plot the data using normal plotting functions, in this case using
# log scaling in Y, as dicatated by the typical meteorological plot
ax.semilogy(prof.tmpc, prof.pres, 'r', lw=2) # Plot the temperature profile
ax.semilogy(prof.wetbulb, prof.pres, 'c-') # Plot the wetbulb profile
ax.semilogy(prof.dwpc, prof.pres, 'g', lw=2) # plot the dewpoint profile
ax.semilogy(pcl.ttrace, pcl.ptrace, 'k-.', lw=2) # plot the parcel trace 
# Plot the effective inflow layer using blue horizontal lines
ax.axhline(eff_inflow[0], color='b')
ax.axhline(eff_inflow[1], color='b')
# Disables the log-formatting that comes with semilogy
# Draw the hodograph on the Skew-T.
ax2 = plt.axes([.625,.625,.25,.25])
below_12km = np.where(interp.to_agl(prof, prof.hght) < 12000)[0]
u_prof = prof.u[below_12km]
v_prof = prof.v[below_12km]
ax2.plot(u_prof[~u_prof.mask], v_prof[~u_prof.mask], 'k-', lw=2)
for i in range(10,90,10):
    # Draw the range rings around the hodograph.
    circle = plt.Circle((0,0),i,color='k',alpha=.3, fill=False)
ax2.plot(srwind[0], srwind[1], 'ro') # Plot Bunker's Storm motion right mover as a red dot
ax2.plot(srwind[2], srwind[3], 'bo') # Plot Bunker's Storm motion left mover as a blue dot
ax2.axhline(y=0, color='k')
ax2.axvline(x=0, color='k')